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All-Russia public organization "The Academy of Security, Defence and Law-and Order (ABOP)" is registered in the Ministry of Justices of Russia (¹ 3935 on August 31, 2000).

The activity of the academy was supported and approved by the Russia's Security Council (¹ 319/694 on 31.10.2000 ), Interior Ministry (¹ 1/20860 on 9.11.2000), Federal Security Service (¹ 4815 on 21.11.2000), Emergencies Ministry (¹ 32-794-7 on November 8, 2000), GTK (01-07/5382 on 12.02.2000), Plenipotentiary representatives of the President of Russia in the federal districts and other institutions.

The Academy's 76 branches in the Russian regions, it's 85 branches and 38 affiliates in CIS countries are staffed with more than 18000 full members, corresponding members and professors. Its membership also includes members of the Federal Assembly of Russia, departments, committees of power structures, ministries, departments, committees and services, government political and public figures, 102 pilot-cosmonauts, 92 People's Artist of the Soviet Union and Russia, 210 Presidents of the higher educational establishments.

The Academy's main functions:

  • cooperates with government bodies on security, defence and law and order issues
  • it studies and summarizes world and domestic achievements in this field
  • promotes ties with similar organizations in the CIS
  • supervise education
  • support to rising of qualification scientific and pedagogical staff.

The Academy has provide over 28 research projects to the Security Council and the State Duma^ s security and defence committees alone. It was one of the organizers and active participants in the "Investment in the Environment a Step into the Future" international environmental forum (September 2001); the Civil Forum (December 2001); parliamentary hearings on "The Demographic Situation and Migration Policy in Russia's Far East" (November 2003); the IX «Safety Technologies» international forum (February 2004); and a series of the other events.